Cosmic Encounter: Stephen Hawking & Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi - Traditional Kerala Mirror Admired by Stephen Hawking | Culturati

Embark on a cosmic journey with Dr. Rajagopal Kamath as he unfolds the extraordinary meeting of a lifetime with the legendary Stephen Hawking in his recent book, "The Cosmic Symphony." This Malayali researcher, influenced by Hawking's masterpiece, had a dream come true moment at Hawking's office in Cambridge, UK.

The chapter, 'A Memorable Meeting,' captures the essence of Kamath's overwhelming emotions as he sat beside the scientific icon in his electronic wheelchair. Kamath, a prolific author on astronomy and cosmology, gifted Hawking Kerala's cultural symbols—a 'ponnada' and a 'kasavumundu,' along with the exquisite Aranmula mirror.

As you delve into Kamath's narrative, witness the awe-inspiring moment when Hawking explored the intricacies of the Aranmula mirror, capturing the event in a timeless picture. Kamath also shared his latest article on cosmology, translating it for Hawking's keen interest, showcasing the maestro's enthusiasm for the universe's mysteries.

To commemorate this cosmic encounter, explore the elegance of Aranmula Kannadi, the Peacock aranmula kannadi,The Gopi Aranmula Kannadi and Val Kannadi available at Culturati. Crafted with precision by the artisans of Aranmula, these mirrors embody the cultural richness of Kerala. Immerse yourself in the legacy of craftsmanship that captivated even the genius mind of Stephen Hawking.

Visit to bring home a piece of Kerala's cultural heritage— Aranmula Kannadi that transcends time, just as the meeting between Kamath and Hawking did. Experience the cosmic symphony through the lens of culture and craftsmanship.

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