Collection: Jagannath Art Collection

Immerse yourself in the divine artistry of Odisha with our exclusive collection of Jagannath Art Pattachitra paintings. Each piece beautifully captures various incarnations of Lord Jagannath, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and spiritual narratives of this revered deity.

Explore the Divine Incarnations:

Experience Lord Jagannath as Nagarjuna, depicted with vibrant colors and meticulous detailing. Admire the Gajanana incarnation, showcasing the elephant-headed deity, symbolizing wisdom and strength. Delve into enchanting Krishna tales, embedded within the body of Jagannath. Celebrate the Dashavatar, the ten avatars of Vishnu, each painted with exquisite precision.

Handcrafted on handmade canvas using natural stone colors, each painting ensures authenticity and timeless beauty. Bring home the divine presence of Lord Jagannath and celebrate Odisha’s artistic legacy with our Jagannath Art Pattachitra Collection.