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The Angakulangara Bhagavathi Theyyam

The Angakulangara Bhagavathi Theyyam


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The captivating Angakulangara Bhagavathi Theyyam, an art form that's more than just a sight to behold - it's a cultural and religious journey nestled in the heart of Kerala, India. Skilled artisans meticulously carve and shape the wood (primary material) to form the intricate details - facial features and attire - that make up the deity's very essence. The art comes alive with shades of green, red and the warm embrace of traditional hues. The long red crown, glittering ornaments and the coconut leaf details is not just art; it's the embodiment of divinity itself.
Every chisel mark, every hue and every curve tells a tale of reverence. This masterpiece doesn't just command attention; it invokes devotion and a sense of connection to something far greater.
A unique collectible celebrating the rich heritage of Kerala. Showcase this unique piece as a wall hanging in your living space.


Red, Green & Traditional Hues



Product dimensions

9 x 5 in.

Frame Type

Without Frame

Care Instructions

Gently dust using soft, linen cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals. Avoid sunlight.

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Please be aware that the actual colors may slightly differ from what you see on screen.

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